## The Story ##

Your seat on the Infernal Throne has been overruled. The Demon King has banished you to the depths of Hell and stripped you of your infernal Aspects. Navigate the Underworld and its dangers while searching for a way to regain your strength.

The Throne awaits you...

## Controls ##

NOTE: The in-game prompts only use Keyboard bindings.

Keyboard Option 1:

[Arrow Keys] to move
[Z] to jump
[X] to attack
[C] Use Aspect 1 (once learned)
[V] Use Aspect 2 (once learned)
[M] Show map 

Keyboard Option 2:

[WASD] to move
[Space] to jump
[J] to attack
[K] Use Aspect 1 (once learned)
[L] Use Aspect 2 (once learned)
[N] Show map


[Left Analog] or [DPad] to move
[South Button] to jump
[West Button] to attack
[East Button] or [Left Trigger] Use Aspect 1 (once learned)
[North Button] Use Aspect 2 (once learned)
[Left Bumper] Show map
Updated 13 days ago
Published 15 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsMetroidvania, Short


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i really enjoyed this game, i hope you make more like this!! :D

What a great game, great gameplay, great sound, great visuals, good job!

WTH I overlay some other game's music with this masterpiece.

A somewhat mix of Ori (for its really fluid movements) and Hollow Knight (dunno why but it just feels like it)

I love it :)

10/10 had enjoyed playing it

The art style is very charming and I had fun playing it :3

Some other remarks and questionsI found:

  • Already mentioned below, key bindings please! It's probably me, but I'm constantly mixing up (or pressing together) dash and fireball, causing a lot of unnecessary damage
  • What's up with the bones? Is that 'just' your score? Or will there be other uses?
  • In the far right box in the purple zone there's a gap in the map, even though you've been right near that wall

Aaand, finished it! Nice experience, really good basis to build on!

This game is fun but the key bindings are not at all to my liking, nor are
they on the joypad either - Triangle for hit, X for jump?
A - Could you make a downloadable version?
      I really don't like having to play in a browser.
B - Could you add key binding support?

If those two things could be fixed, it would really bring the game up a few levels!
I'm a Metroidvania addict and really like this, just need some better controls! 8)
(And downloadable!)

This is a really cool game! How did you make the animations and abilities?



This game is awesome!,the animations are so smooth the gameplay is responsive the music and sounds are on point , and its probably the only real metroidvania in this jam,great job!

Really cool and great game! I love the concept and the devil!

Really cool game! Controls are spot-on, it's got its own cool style. Nice! Only two things I dislike are the scrolling. Quite frequently you cannot see what's above or below you. I think you should fix that. And, the lack of saving!!! I refreshed only to notice that it does not return to my last checkpoint :-(


Hey there swoopie. Glad you checked out the game and enjoyed it :)

1. I've made a few adjustments to the camera + level design to hopefully make some of the awkward moments less problematic. The vertical behavior of the camera isn't perfect, but it's a bit better!

2. Sorry about the lack of hard saving on refresh. That didn't make the original "budget" of the game since it was sort of meant to be a 45-minute-sitting game. I'll be incrementally adding some features and load/save is on the list.

Thanks again for playing!

Took it for another spin, not sure if I want to redo everything though. However, it's a lot better now indeed, still have a few points where you just have to take a leap of faith. Why not use the down button to move the viewport down? Like a 'look' button'? I also would suggest to use up for jumping instead of z, or both.